Over the past four or so years since I've registered encadyma.com, I've used the domain as a personal portfolio. It was meant for onlookers to gaze through and learn that I, in fact, exist as a developer somewhere in the world. For a large part of its history, the portfolio has also remained static: the "most recent" projects on there are those I've written more than two years ago. That's because after the productivity boom I've had, I've since strayed away from writing and finishing projects.

During my winter break, I began to worry about this. This setup clearly wasn't working for me. And so what I've decided to do now to shift this purpose of this domain to be a more active documentation of my work.

What that means is the following:

  • My old personal portfolio will be moved to a new domain, kevmo.xyz, over the next few days.
  • encadyma.com will become a new site that will be called the "Crossroads" site. Instead of being a selective listing of accomplishments, it will now be a collective log of all goals, accomplishments, failures, and reflections I've had. A part of me wants to get back into writing more about myself, but I also need this because I fear forgetting myself.
  • I'm making it a goal to update this new site two times a week. Even if the change is small, as long as it is up by the end of the day, I will be satisfied.

I'm curious to see what effect this will have, but I have a hunch that I'll be doing something right if I commit and work on this.