I think I've finally settled on a good CMS, so I figured that it might be a good time to restart my personal blog.

This is slogfest, a blog about my development life. I named it such because of two reasons:

  1. slog is a portmanteau of "story" and "log". My goal is for this site to be a log of life stories excerpted from my most worthwhile moments. The ups and downs, as one might say.
  2. Wiktionary defines slogfest as "an activity or event characterized by a long duration and an exhausting, wearisome perception by its participants." I believe the word describes a lot of drag I've witnessed in life. My personal goal is to cut through as much of this as possible, and documenting all accounts of this through a public slog is one way of achieving this. Hence the name.

With this, I wish to say "Hello World!".